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Staraya Russa

Staraya Russa (Russian: Ста́рая Ру́сса) is an old Russian town located 99 km south of Veliky Novgorod. It is the administrative center of Starorussky District of Novgorod Oblast in Russia and a wharf on the Polist River (Lake Ilmen basin). It is the third largest town in Novgorod Oblast. Population: 35,511 (2002 Census); 41,538 (1989 Census). It is served by Staraya Russa Airport.

Recent city comments:

  • ул. Тимура Фрунзе, 12, Юра (guest) wrote 8 years ago:
    Тут магазин по продаже лодок, снегоходов, лодочных моторов .
  • Souvenirs shop / newsstand, saber2005 (guest) wrote 10 years ago:
    Нет больше этого ларька Демонтирован в мае 2012
  • Магазин «Автомир», strussa (guest) wrote 14 years ago:
    магазин * АвтоМир - 2*
  • Restaurant "Ilmenj", Paul65 wrote 14 years ago: American i met was once in the city and remembered the name of the place - "Ill men"
  • Souvenirs shop / newsstand, Paul65 wrote 14 years ago:
    Some souvenirs were really nice when I visited the shop
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